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36th Year Church Anniversary

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Celebrating 36 Years Hoping in the Promise Keeper

Romans 4:18-21



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 Food Boxes Available
Love Thy Neighbor Ministries is providing one box of food per family
each Tuesday at 12 p.m. at Canaan

There are approximately 200 boxes

Please arrive early since it is first come, first serve



36th Year Trivia Challenge


  1. Pastor Richard E. Herbert’s first appointment at Canaan?
  2. In the early years, where were Sunday School teachers’ meetings held?
  3. In the early years, where were Prayer meetings held?
  4. Name at least one of the earlier Canaan trustees?
  5. Sis. Gloria Herbert’s first official appointment at Canaan?
  6. Name at least one of Canaan’s first appointed Deacons?
  7. What city was Canaan organized in?
  8. Canaan’s church building was originally what place of business?
  9. First worship service was held where?
  10. Second site where Canaan’ s worship services were held?
  11. How long has Rev. Herbert been Pastor at Canaan?
  12. Who is the oldest living charter member?
  13.  Sister Angie Green’s first appointment at Canaan?
  14.  First member to leave for military service?
  15.  Canaan’s first musician?
  16.  Canaan’s first receptionist?
  17.  Which member is known for bringing the most people to Canaan?
  18. First couple Pastor Herbert performed marriage ceremony for at Canaan?
  19.  Canaan’s longest serving usher?
  20. During the early years, where were baptisms held?
  21.  Name the portal that connects the community center to the sanctuary.
  22. Canaan has the longest affiliation with what church?
  23. Name the family that has not allowed Pastor to be at church alone since the pandemic started?
  24. Lists ways to share in Canaan’s services since the start of the pandemic?
  25. Name one of the past ministers to share the pulpit with Pastor Claiborne.
  26. How long was Rev. C. Cedric Claiborne Pastor at Canaan?
  27. What’s the most number of choirs Canaan had at one time?
  28. Canaan once had a bus ministry, true or false?
  29. Every first Sunday, Canaan recites what?
  30. Name the ministry that distributes food weekly at Canaan?
  31. What birthday did Pastor Claiborne just celebrate?
  32.  What meeting does Canaan hold every December or January?
  33. What youth event is sponsored by Canaan each summer?
  34. Name Sister Trisha Thomas’ first music assignment?
  35. What year did Pastor Claiborne retire?
  36. Name the Christian Netflix?




























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Weekly Schedule

Sunday Services

Morning Prayer - 9:15 a.m.

Sunday School - 9:30 a.m.

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Prayer, Praise and Bible Study

7 p.m.


Choir Rehearsal


11a.m. - 12 Noon